Time to start blogging (again)

I’m a network engineer and the co-founder of a networking managed services provider in the UK, where I spend a lot of time working in different networks and solving problems for various customers. We’re a small ISP and run our own MPLS network, which allows us a huge amount of flexibility in building multi carrier WAN & SD-WAN solutions.

I used to keep technical notes and the occasional Python tutorial on this blog, some of which has migrated to the corporate site – probably not the ideal place for technical content. We are working on making things a bit more IT management friendly over there – although that is on temporary hold due to the pandemic.

Most of my daily work falls into the usual large vendors’ networking space covering routers, switches, firewalls, VPN’s etc. although I have noticed a growing amount of customers willing to explore alternative solutions – often utilising smaller vendors like Mikrotik and Ubiquiti or Open Source networking solutions like Zerotier and FRR, so you should expect some variety in the content that finds its way on here.

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